Aerospace O-Ring Catalogue

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Aerospace O-Rings

The manufacturing of aircrafts stipulates the most demanding performance criteria for every component that goes into its production, and o-rings and elastomeric sealing parts are no exception to the aerospace industry. Safety of flight demands that the choice of compatible seals and material in the manufacturing of aircrafts is of vital importance, and only a select few manufacturers and suppliers are qualified.

GMORS is a AS9100 certified manufacturer since August 20, 2008. Industries that include defense, aerospace and aviation adhere to AS9100 quality guidelines, which is based on ISO 9001 standards with added quality system supplements. AS9100 was put into place by the aeronautical industry as an implement to conform to the requirements of Defense, NASA and the Federal Aviation Authorities. The establishment of a standard quality management system within the aeronautical industry was the purpose of AS9100.

GMORS manufactures o-rings, gaskets and seals that conform to the precise specifications provided by our customers, and we offer them in materials that include Buna, Viton and much more. The most stringent standards in quality control are adopted by GMORS, taking into consideration the elevated temperatures and extreme service environments sealing parts are subjected to in the aerospace industry.

Aircraft fuel systems and connecting hoses typically subject sealing components to the deteriorating effect of corrosive chemical fluid. Hydraulic fluid, jet fuels, oxidizers, aircraft propellants along with other aggressive chemical media operates under elevated temperatures. As a result, sealing systems must perform to the most demanding requirements specified for the aviation industry.

GMORS offers the ultimate sealing components of the highest quality to our customers in the aerospace industry. With more than 30 years of experience as a manufacturer of elastomeric sealing products, we are the trusted source for all your sealing requirements. Custom molded designs along with a range of sizes and shapes are offered in a variety of material.

Aerospace Application of O-Rings and Seals

Molded shapes and sheets that are exposed to jet fuel, aerospace o-rings and seals, synthetic lubricant for engine, hydraulic fluids, high aniline point petroleum based oil, diester-based lubricants used in aircrafts, aromatic fuels, hydrocarbon fuel. Resistance to degradation as a result of exposure to weathering. Low compression set and ability to withstand piston engine oil.

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