Chemical Resistant O-Ring Catalogue

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Chemical Resistance O-Rings

Perfrez 9021C Perfluroelastomer (FFKM) formulated for Hydrocarbon and Chemical Processes

Sealing components used in equipment found in chemical and hydrocarbon facilities are subjected to extremely high temperatures and aggressive chemical media. Perfrez 9021C is the product of choice, delivering service to expectations while competing elastomers degrade rapidly under similar conditions.

Lower Compression Set, Lower Weight Loss, Lower Volume Swell

With lower compression set properties and exceptional thermal and chemical stability over prolonged service duration, Perfrez 9021C (FFKM) is a black compound that is properties enhanced for thermal and chemical stability with exceptional resistance to aggressive chemical media. Perfluroelastomers (FFKM) are formulated to withstand the most corrosive and hostile service environments where most other elastomers fail to deliver. Service life of sealing components is extended significantly for prolonged operations at upper temperature limits of 310 degrees C. Organic and inorganic bases, corrosive acids and oxidizing agents all subject sealing components to the upper design limits of service compatibility. Perfrez 9021C is the engineer's product of choice as it satisfies all the requirements for sealing components used in chemical and hydrocarbon processes.

Weight loss is the result of degradation of elastomeric sealing products when placed under extreme service conditions of temperature and chemical attack. Low weight loss, lower volume swell and lower compression set are desirable properties for sealing components that have to encounter the service conditions used in equipment for chemical and hydrocarbon processes. A high standard of performance specification is ensured for such applications.

The substitution of atoms of hydrogen with fluorine, in a process of fluorination, gives rise to an exceptionally stable compound because of the stronger bonding between atoms of carbon and fluorine. Compounding additives used in the enhancement of Perfrez 9021C result in its superior characteristics, enabling end-products to have extended service life under harsh operating environments. Perfrez 9021C exhibits reduced weight loss and degradation when compared with competing perfluoroelastomer compounds that have been property enhanced.

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