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Chemical Resistance Grade Perfrez 9011C

Widely used for sealing applications in petrochemical plants and equipment, in the form of o-rings and gaskets, diaphragms as well as related custom designed parts, Perfrez 9011C is an enhanced chemical resistant grade carbon black-filled material with superior mechanical properties. Perfrez 9011C also formulated to resist attack from an extensive range of industrial chemicals typically found in chemical processing. It continues to perform to expectations under the most harsh environments found in hydrocarbon refineries and chemical processing plants and facilities, where o-rings and seals come into contact with with corrosive media at extreme temperatures.

Chemical processes involving hot water flushes and steam cleaning subject sealing components to harsh conditions, and Perfrez 9011C remains the preferred solution due to its outstanding resistance to aggressive chemicals and extreme temperatures. Perfrez 9011C has the ability to remain resilient throughout temperature cycles and preserve its mechanical characteristics, ensuring sealing integrity is not compromised.

Resistant to a Wide Range of Chemicals

The ability of Perfrez 9011C to retain its mechanical properties under conditions of exposure to chemical process streams and heated water makes it suitable for use under the most demanding environments. It is compatible for use with sealing components that have to come into contact with hydrocarbons, alkalis, lubricants, steam and water, esters, ketones, aldehydes, acids and alcohols.

Besides having resistance to an extensive range of chemicals, Perfrez 9011C is also compounded to perform to expectations up to a temperature range of 230 degrees C, which is typically found in process environments of a majority of petrochemical facilities. Perfrez 9011C has a proven record of safety under extreme conditions and is the product of choice for the most challenging sealing applications.

Low Volume Swell

A good measure of compatibility of o-rings and sealing components with a given chemical media is its volume swell, which is observed in all three dimensions. The effect of volume swell can be either temperature or chemical induced. Excessive swelling of sealing components causes equipment to fail and production downtime can be disruptive.

Good Heat Resistance with Low Compression Set

Continuous operation of equipment at temperature levels of up to 230 degrees C is possible due to the excellent thermal resistance of Perfrez 9011C. The behavior of elastomers becomes less predictable and rigidity sets in as sealing components approach the upper thermal limits for which it is designed for. The cross-linking structure of polymer molecules begins to break down as a result of chemical changes. Compared to products of the same class, Perfrez 9011C outperforms with a compression set of 16.2 percent.


Typical industries that uses equipment that requires sealing in the form of o-rings and seals, gasket and custom molded rubber sealing components include that of the petrochemicals, oil and gas, semiconductor manufacturing, automotive and hydrocarbon processing facilities.

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