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Heat Resistance O-Rings

Perfrez 9001C: Enhanced Thermal Resistance Grade of Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Compounded by a polymer process that involves large particle size carbon blacks, Perfrez 9001C is a perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) with excellent stability at elevated temperatures with prolonged service life. Characterized by a low compression set and enhanced with superior stability at extreme temperatures, Perfrez 9001C is specially formulated for use in the manufacturing of o-rings, sealing components and gaskets for applications in the petrochemical and hydrocarbon industries where service conditions are highly demanding. An exceptionally high level of tolerance to aggressive chemical media at increased temperatures is one of the characteristics that made Perfrez 9001C the preferred choice for equipment design engineers.

Properties of Perfrez 9001C Perfluoroelastomer

The substitution of hydrogen atoms by fluorine in a process where elastomeric material becomes fully-fluoridated results in an enhanced product with properties significantly improved. This is due to the resulting strong bond between fluorine and carbon, giving rise to a compound that is essentially inert with a high degree of thermal stability. Perfrez 9001C outperforms in extreme environments as other polymers undergo degradation.

Perfrez 9001C is characterized by a lower compression set and weight loss, better heat and chemical resistance, lower swell volume, and less degradation when compared to other Perfluroelastomer material that are not property enhanced.

The defining characteristics of an elastomer are its compatibility with a range of temperature service conditions, it's ability to withstand corrosive fluid and chemicals, compression set and volume swell properties. Such are engineered characteristics which can be customized for specific applications, enabling an extended service life under the most harsh conditions.

At Gmors, we procure the highest quality additives for compounding process, such as curatives, accelerators, reinforcing fillers, coupling agents, fire-retardants and more to give our customers their final product.

Advantages of using Perfrez 9001C

1. Prolonged service duration of o-rings, gaskets and sealing components.
2. Cost savings as a result of standardization of inventory.
3. Integrity of joints and seals reinforced.
4. Characteristics of fire retardation.
5. Equipment maintenance intervals extended.
6. Output and production efficiency increase.
7. Safety of operation enhanced.
8. Margin of profitability improved.
9. Availability of consulting engineers and material specialists at every stage of your project.

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