Hydraulic O-Rings Catalogue

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Hydraulic Seal

Gmors is a manufacturer of hydraulic sealing components such as piston seals, shaft seals, static seals, rod seals, cushion seals, back-up rings, buffer seals as well as sealing components in dynamic hydraulic applications where linear and reciprocating use is encountered. Our products are delivered to manufacturers of industrial hydraulic machineries used in sectors including agricultural, mining, heavy construction, material handling, power generation and petrochemicals and more.

Fluid under high pressure within hydraulic cylinders are prevented from escaping by the use of hydraulic seals. Fluid containment is just one function of sealing components because transverse forces act on the seals along with conditions of elevated pressure and extreme heat. At Gmors, we manufacture o-rings and hydraulic sealing components according to your specified requirements, and at every stage of our production, strict inspection procedures and quality control standards are rigidly implemented.

Make Gmors your number choice for all your hydraulic equipment sealing needs, and take advantage of our years of manufacturing expertise.

1. Increase in production output for your hydraulic equipment.
2. Instance of hydraulic fluid leakage reduced.
3. Scheduled maintenance intervals extended resulting in greater production and cost savings.
4. Enhanced operational safety.

Production downtime impacts your bottom line profitability, and it is the focus of Gmors to manufacture high performing sealing components to enable the highest efficiency for all your equipment operation.

Available material: FKM, NBR, TPU and more.

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