O-Ring Rapid Gas Decompression Catalogue

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Explosive Decompression (a.k.a. Rapid Gas Decompression)

In the offshore and oil and gas industries, costly equipment operate under high pressure environments and o-rings and elastomeric sealing components are subject to abuse under a condition known as rapid gas decompression. Otherwise known as explosive decompression, damage to elastomeric seals are not uncommon and concerns go beyond production disruption as financial, environmental and safety issues are factored in. Rapid gas decompression is a common occurrence, and is triggered by the sudden release of gases under high pressure in the liquid state. Gases absorbed within the elastomeric seals are forced to expand at a rapid rate, and this phenomena can be detrimental to the o-ring seal. Even as the process of decompression occurs over an extended period of hours, seal damage can also happen. Hence, the term rapid or explosive may not be an accurate depiction of the process.

Perfrez 9021A FFKM formulated for Explosive Decompression (ED) Applications

Rapid gas decompression (RGD) resistant Perfrez 9021A is certified according to NORSOK M-710. Perfrez 9021A is a perfluoroelastomer formulation with outstanding performance at elevated temperature with superior resistance to aggressive chemicals. Failure of seals as a result of rapid gas decompression (RGD) is a common occurrence in equipment used in offshore drilling operations. Perfrez 9021A, because of its outstanding performance under such demanding conditions, is used in gas compressors, down-hole equipment as well as related equipment where seal contact with high pressure gases has to be taken into consideration.

Attaining the specified high modulus and hardness, Perfrez 9021A offers outstanding heat resistance along with compatibility with aggressive chemical media, and is an excellent choice for use in sealing components under the most challenging conditions.

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