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Semiconductor O-Rings

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) Perfrez 9021C Semiconductor Grade O-Rings

Formulated for the extreme thermal and chemical environments encountered in the dry and wet processes typically found in semiconductor fabrication, Perfrez 9021C is an advance semiconductor grade high performance FFKM perfluroelastomer compound that is used in the manufacturing of o-rings and sealing components.

Perfrez 9021C properties include low compression set, the ability to remain stable all through temperature cycles, extraordinary chemical and heat resistance and greatly improved mechanical properties. In environments where sealing components are in contact with reactive plasma, Prefrez 9021C is your product of choice.

Special Environment Applications

Perfluroelastomer (FFKM) is the answer for sealing components that have to perform under the most severe environments encountered in semiconductor manufacturing. Perfrez 9021C is formulated to resist corrosive acids and oxidizing agents, as well as degradation from exposure to organic and inorganic bases. It is designed for thermal stability and extended service life at high temperatures of up to 310 degrees C.

Resistance to Plasma

The process of wafer fabrication subject sealing components to corrosive gases and reactive plasmas, resulting in weight loss and severe degradation. Equipment that uses sealing components in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices has to ensure that such seals pass the strict performance requirements of reduced weight loss and formation of residue. Contamination is the result of residue generation due to plasma attack, and this is harmful to the semiconductor parts been produced.

Perfrez 9021C resists reactive plasmas and outperforms other elastomeric sealing compounds under similar service conditions. Further enhancement of the properties of plasma resistance of Perfrez 9021C is achieved with compounding additives. The end result is a product with service life time greatly extended when exposed to reactive plasmas. Competing perfluroelastomer products that have not gone through properties enhancement as Perfrez 9021C do not exhibit the same superior properties of reduced degradation and lower weight loss.

Lower Compression Set

The degree to which a material, upon the release of a sustained force, is able to exhibit form retention, dimensional stability and elasticity is referred to as its compression set resistance. Material aging increases as temperature is elevated, and this relates to its compression set resistance. A lower compression set resistance is achieved by Perfrez 9021C under similar thermal service conditions as compared with other competing products.

Reduced Volume Swell

The absorption of fluid and gases by elastomeric sealing components such as o-rings, elastomeric seals and gaskets leads to its volume swell and degradation. An elastomeric component's compatibility with fluid is indicated by its volume swell. Material toughness and wear resistance reduces, and friction increases. Service life is further reduced as a result of contamination. Chemical compatibility tests performed on Perfrez 9021C has determined a lower volume swell as compared with competing products.

Chemical and Thermal Resistance

The most demanding service conditions for sealing components found in semiconductor fabrication processes are met by Perfrez 9021C, which exhibits exceptional resistance to extreme temperature and corrosive media.

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